Hi there, I am Ananda van der Merwe, the owner of the travel and photography company, Ananda Africa based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I  have been leading travel and photography tours to the Southern African region, over the last 20 years. My favourite photographic destination this year was to the vast and breathtaking country of Namibia, Southern Africa.

I hold a diploma in photography and provide photos to tour operators and stock images to Getty Images. 

Consistent positive guest feedback coupled with returning clients enables Ananda Africa to continue to thrive in a highly competitive industry. 

I love and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and my love for photography is evident throughout my life. My endless patience and personal interest in your photographic journey are what sets this course apart from others. I will hold your hand through-out the course and help you to be the best photographer you can be and understand your camera much better.

Immerse yourself in either an 8 Module or a 20 Module course that is both fun and informative. I look forward to seeing your photos and working with you soon!

Join my photography course and mentorship to have first-class and personal feedback on your photographs and let me help you to explore your camera and your creative abilities at your own pace. 

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